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77 Years Back

An exploration of a grandson's journey with his grandfather, to uncover his past, in the place he left 77 years ago, as a refugee from Bessarabia.

"77 Years Back" is a collection through which you will contribute to the first Romanian independent documentary launched as an NFT project. With the funds we raise, we'll send the documentary movie "77 Years Back" to the biggest film festivals. Moreover, we will together raise awareness about the importance of our roots, past and family heritage.

David Popovici

Romanian swimming sensation and World Champion, is proud to announce the release of his first-ever NFT.


from the Future Self

This first limited edition NFT collection represents awarded AGERPRES archive photographies of Romanian legacy and a view to rare moments, immortalised in history.

Our AI Story

“Our AI Story - Central University Library Reimagined” is a unique NFT collection of 20 AI-generated artworks, launched by the Central University Library “Carol I”. Each NFT captures a different aspect of the library, highlighting its rich history, cultural significance, and its role as a gateway to knowledge.

The Generational Circle

"The Generational Circle" debut collection represents a recognition of the history of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee and the history of Romania's presence at the Olympics, practically made in form of historical moments represented by NFTs.

past | present | future

The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest, Romania, is stepping into the Web3 digital architectures and launches a legacy institutional NFT Collection, entitled “past | present | future”. This limited NFT edition represents the symbolic anniversary of over 53 years of ICI Bucharest’s existence by setting a digital cornerstone in the name of national Research, Development and Innovation values.

A World in a Stamp

Romfilatelia, the national Romanian stamp company, presents a unique NFT collection of 15 digital stamps. The collection comprises stamps that have been transformed into NFTs with special attention paid to astronomical phenomena, famous Romanian actors, the royal history of Romania and many others.

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